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“John Winn Miller is a foreign correspondent, investigative journalist, producer, screenwriter, he’s got all the tools in the toolbox to write a WWII Maritime thriller, and that’s what he’s done with The Hunt for the Peggy C . . . Well researched and it will take you right inside a U-boat during WWII . . . a fascinating story, and a little something for everybody.”

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On this week’s episode, Rad features John Winn Miller, award-winning investigative reporter, editor, publisher, screenwriter, indie movie producer, and novelist who wrote The Hunt for the Peggy C. He shares how a dream served as the inspiration for the book and the in-depth research he needed to do to get even the smallest details of U-boat operation correctly. 

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"The research and [Miller's] due diligence reflect well in the book. It almost reads like the ship's captain wrote it . . . It is essentially a thriller, so even if you're not well-versed in the historical part of it, you will enjoy this book anyway . . . It incorporates so much history and factual knowledge that it makes it an easy read even for someone that generally doesn't read novels. To my listeners, I'll say you'll be binge-reading [the book] because I can't praise it enough." 

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The Author of The Hunt for the Peggy C, John Winn Miller, discusses this WW2 Maritime Thriller, deemed a must read novel for fall and beyond.

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Peter St. James &

Jeanne Lester


2:16 -- 22:30

The Author of The Hunt for the Peggy C, John Winn Miller, discusses this WW2 Maritime Thriller, deemed a must read novel for fall and beyond.

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Cail & Radio
NH Talk Radio

This morning, we welcome John Winn Miller. John is an award-winning investigative reporter, foreign correspondent, editor, publisher, screenwriter, indie movie producer and novelist. He joins the show to chat with Ken about his new book, "The Hunt for the Peggy C - A World War II Maritime Thriller."

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Lexington author John Winn Miller transports us to the North Atlantic of WWII with his novel, “The Hunt for the Peggy C.”

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As a foreign correspondent, an investigative journalist, producer, and screenwriter, John Winn Miller has worn many creative hats. His latest book is “The Hunt For the Peggy C: A WWII Maritime Thriller.” John joined Mike Pomp on the Morning Information Center to discuss the new book.

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I had the opportunity to speak with my friend John Winn Miller about his new book The Hunt for the Peggy C. The book falls into a few different genres, but I was most interested in asking John about how he approached submarine fiction, which is certainly one of my favorite categories of historical fiction. We talked a bit about the genre and about the process before moving on to a discussion of how the book might be adapted in different media. -- Robert Farley

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