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Surprisingly Beautiful and Heart-Warming



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In John Winn Miller’s novel The Hunt for the Peggy C, Captain Jake Rogers commands a dilapidated cargo ship, the Peggy C, and solicits cargo and contraband to smuggle on his ship. During a violent storm, Jake and his crew rescue a group of sailors from a sunken ship. Upon their arrival in Amsterdam, Jake is surprised at the occupation by German soldiers. The crew loads a large crate onto the Peggy C.


They are heading for Gibraltar when they are stopped by a German U-boat. Oberleutnant zur See Viktor Brauer is the U-boat’s commander. Jake and his crew manage to escape which leaves Brauer incensed and determined to hunt down the Peggy C and destroy her with her crew, no matter what it takes. It will take all the experience, skills and knowledge of the crew to save the Peggy C from destruction while protecting her human cargo.

The Hunt for the Peggy C is a gripping historical WW2 novel filled with suspense and action. Author John Winn Miller has certainly done his research in producing his account of men forced to survive the most frightening events.


Surprising, beautiful, and heart-warming instances make for a unique addition to the story.


     The descriptions of the crew members and the dialogue create a feeling of reality. I especially enjoyed learning about how the crew of a ship work together as well as the mechanics involved in sailing, including managing a U-Boat.


     All-round, a fantastic story that is highly recommended to all adults, young and old.

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